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Welcome to John Jay Cheerleading’s  pre season meeting!  

If you are interested in John Jay cheerleading for any part of the 2019-2020 season,it is  important that you are aware of how our program works.  JJ cheer is an exceptional program that offers  much to our athletes.  The teams support the school through several different activities, such as football games, basketball games, school events and of course cheerleading competitions.

We continue to challenge our athletes with new skills and begin to prepare them for the possibility of collegiate cheerleading.

  John Jay cheerleading alumni have cheered at many of their colleges!

 Cheerleading at John Jay also offers our team members so much more.  Our cheerleaders will build life long  friendships, they will learn time management, team work, and commitment.  They will be accountable for themselves and their team.   They will take part in community events and give back to the community through service.  All of these things will happen while having fun, maintaining grades and forming memories that will stay with them long after they leave high school.  

We will continue to stress the importance of academics.  One of our goals this year is to repeat as a Scholar Athlete team!!!


We will be updating our website in the near future to include important information.  Our handbook will be on the site.  Please make sure you are aware of our philosophy and guidelines.




  • Academic eligibility and homework

  • There are 2 separate seasons Fall and winter.Tryouts will be required for all athletes at the start of each season.

  • No cheerleader from past teams in guaranteed a spot on this year’s team

  • All John Jay cheerleaders must adhere to the Wappingers district athletic code of conduct and all rules set forth by the cheer coaches.

  • Every cheerleader is an important member of the team.The Game Day Division may offer more opportunities to our athletes.There is a potential that athletes may make the Game Day team but not the competitive team

  • All practices and games are mandatory for all cheerleaders.  JV football games take place on Saturday mornings.  Varsity games are Friday nights, Saturday afternoons or Saturday evenings.  Basketball games are week day evenings during winter season

  • Tumbling is an important skill in cheerleading.Tumbling classes are encouraged.

  • Injuries may result throughout the year.If a cheerleader is injured she obviously will need medical treatment and most likely not be able to participate in practice, however that cheerleader must still attend practices.After an injury takes place, the athletic trainer will manage the injury and return to play.

  • All John Jay Cheerleaders MUST participate in the team community service projects throughout the year.

  • No outside activities can take precedence over John Jay Cheerleading.There will be no exceptions(including jobs and All Star Cheerleading)


Sports Physicals


All athletes in the WCSD need a sports physical to participate in athletics.  Sports physicals are good for 1 year. To participate in a fall 2019 sport the health office must have a physical for an athlete dated after August 1, 2018.  Every athlete should check with the health office to check the status of their physical.  If they need a new physical please make those arrangements ASAP either through the district health office or with your private physician. 

In July, all athletes must register on Family ID.  No athlete can tryout until all the parts of Family ID are completed.  Family ID opens July 20th and closes August 12th.  They will not make exceptions for missing the deadlines.    All this information is listed on the WCSD website under athletics.



  • On Monday, July 8th, summer conditioning will start on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00-1000 AM. Open stunt clinics will take place on Wednesday evenings from 5 -7 PM starting Wednesday July 10th.This schedule will continue throughout the summer until tryouts start. Additional stunting clinics may be added as tryouts approach or if requested.

  • Summer conditioning practices are optional but These workouts help prepare you for tryouts and for the long season. Tryouts will consist of tumbling skills, aerobic endurance, strength and flexibility as well as the basic cheer skills; jumps, motions, showmanship and stunting.We will work on all of this at summer practices.There is no doubt that kids who work hard all summer are better prepared for the season, experience less injuries and excel faster in skills.

  • NEEDED – hand held weights, ankle weights, a stability ball, a towel and sunscreen.It is also very important to bring a large bottle or cooler of water/sports drink and a healthy snack.

  • very important to eat breakfast.




  • Tryouts will begin on Monday Aug 19th and last 1-3 days.They will take place in the evenings from approx.. 5-8:00 PM

  • Tryouts will be done in several different phases.There will be strength and endurance phase, an evaluation of basic cheer skills such as jumps, motions and showmanship, a stunting phase and a tumbling phase

  • Result of tryouts will be done individually

  • Practices will begin immediately after the teams are announced and will be every day through the 1st week of school.(By Section 1 athletic rules we must have a minimum number of practices before camp) Time and place of practices still TBD.It is likely it will be a mix of morning and evening practices.

  • After teams have been picked, there will be a MANDATORY parent and cheerleader meeting for all those that have madeeither Jr Varsity or Varsity.The meeting will take place Thursday, Aug 22ndth.Tjme and location will be announced at a later date.

Team Selection

  • APP – 7th and 8th graders -APP packet due to the JJ athletic office byJuly 29th.If approved to take the finess test itis August 2nd at JJpackets and process can be found on the district website under athletics.

  • Middle school athletes(APP approved) and Freshman can be chosen to JV or varsity

  • Juniors can be on Jr varsity

  • Seniors do not automatically make a team

  • Fall Season:Game Day Team vs Competition team


  • Both the JV and Varsity teams will be attending NCA home camp at VW Aug. 27th – 29th.This is a mandatory camp


  • Choreography dates will be announced once finalized but likely early September . Choreography is mandatory for all team members.


There are expenses with John Jay Cheer.  The booster club  cover as much as possible but there are significant expenses to each cheerleader.  The program tries to keep warm ups and uniforms for several years so once items are purchased they do not need to be purchased again the following year.  Please keep in mind that while it appears expensive cheerleading is a 2 season sport for the majority of our athletes. The athletes  actually are on the team from Summer through late winter and have to deal with very hot games early on and freezing cold games later in the Fall season.  We also spend most of our time indoors practicing.  They need appropriate clothing for all of these situations.


Estimated costs: These prices are high estimates since we are still looking into some products.  It is not all collected at one time, but camp costs and practice gear will be collected immediately after teams are picked. We do offer some new payment plans and options

(these are approx. and based off last year’s numbers and will likely change.  We hope to lower costs on some items)

Camp: approx.. $205

Sneakers: $90   must purchase new pair.

Camp/practice Gear:  $180

Uniforms:  varsity competition top  $118,  JV competition body liner:  $40

Game uniforms for both JV and varsity - $80-$130

Poms: $30

Briefs:  $25

Team bag:  $40

Team sweat warm ups:  pants $40    jacket$150(varsity only)

Team Jacket - $60

Hoodie - $35

The district pays most of our competition fees.  The booster club has paid for choreography for both teams the past few  years and for so many other items and programs the kids have received.  The booster club donations depend on the success of fundraising throughout the year



The first day of tryouts every athlete will be given a form with all the costs included and the 2 payment plan.  That form will be turned in prior to teams being announced.  NOTE:  the JJ cheer booster club does have guidelines for hardships which deal with on an individual basis.  Finances should never be the reason for an athlete not to try out and will never be a reason for an athlete not to be selected to a team.

Once teams are picked and announced we do need to collect at least 2/3 of  the fees.  Gear will need to be ordered immediately and in some cases before tryouts. 

Any cheerleader that does not pay will not receive their gear until payment is made.  Cheerleaders not in gear will sit at practice.


Due to this financial obligation the booster club has created some alternate payment plans and payment methods and will be offering several summer fundraisers.

  • Summer payment plans

  • Online payment

  • Credit card payments

  • Increase fundraising opportunities over the summer

Refunds ???



The JV team does not travel overnight.  The varsity team could have overnight trips.  If the team advances to the State Championships, it would require an overnight stay.

Nationals trip for varsity.  At this time we have looked into attending a National event but no final decision will be made until we see the commitment of the team.



We have an outstanding cheerleading booster club.  It is mandatory for  all of our parents to be active participants in our booster club.  We are in need of a new executive board and are looking for interested members immediately.  We will be having a brief fundraising meeting tonight.

Fund Raising Opportunities:

Our booster club does a great job organizing many fund raisers throughout our year.  Individual fund raising is optional but highly encouraged.  Booster Club fund raisers are mandatory!    Our largest fund raiser is the JJHS Cheer Invitational being held Jan. 18, 2020  It is mandatory that every cheerleader and her/his parents participate in this event.

fundraising opportunities:

  • Car washes:dates:

  • Foam & wash car wash ticketsavailable immediately

  • Cookie dough/pizza sales starts in July

  • Cheer clinic

  • IGive online purchasing

  • Clothing drive (booster club fundraiser) Please start saving clothing, toys, comforters etc for our September drive

  • East Fishkill community Day(Booster Club fundraiser)

  • Pocket book Bingo in December

  • Candy bar sales

  • Wreath sales

  • Bake sales during school lunch

  • JJHS Cheer Invitational Jan 18, 2020.Mandatory for all parents and team members

Some important dates to remember

  1. June 5th and 12th – Open gyms 6:30-8:30 PM @ VW

  2. June ____fitting day of gear(no orders will be done, just sizing)

  3. July 8th- Morning workouts start every Monday and Thurs 8:00-10:00 AM until tryouts.

  4. July 10 -Stunting 5-7 PM (every Wednesday evening through tryouts) at John Jay

  5. July 20- Family ID registration begins for Fall sports, can be done through Aug. 12th

  6. July 29th – APP packets for middle school students due to JJ athletic office.

  7. Aug 2nd – fitness test for APP students – 10 AM at JJ gym

  8. Aug 19th – tryouts begin5pm

  9. Aug 22nd – mandatory parent meeting

  10. Aug 27th-Aug. 29th:Mandatory homecamp- 7 AM to 6 PM

  11. August 30th - first Varsity football game football game

  12. Sept 5th- 1st Day of school


Alice Granger( varsity)

Danielle Camporese ( varsity) –

Mary Collier(Varsity)

Stephanie Reynolds (Junior Varsity)


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