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Executive Board Members - 2019/2020 Seasons

President, Sheila Cronk                                                                                                  Treasurer, Kerianne Capizzano-Moran

Vice President - Open                                                                                                    Secretary - Lisa Beal

John Jay Cheerleading Booster Club

Board Positions


  • Prepare for coming year by scheduling meetings.

  • Make sure everyone follows rules of Booster Club

  • Make sure jobs are delegated and carried out.

  • Set up calendar and suitable filing system.

  • Oversee Booster Club

  • Determine and distribute agenda in cooperation with Secretary.

  • Call meetings to order at designated time and proceed with business.

  • Encourage members to participate in meetings.

  • Declare the results of every vote.



  • Preside at meetings in the absence of the President.

  • Assumes duties of the President in the event of the President’s resignation until the position is filled.

  • Acts as an aide to the President and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the President.

  • Represents President upon request.



  • Keep an accurate and detailed account in the Treasurer permanent book of all money received and paid out.

  • Submit a statement at regular meetings of the Booster Club, including total balance on hand at the beginning of the period covered by the report, amounts credited, receipts, disbursements and total balance on hand at the date of report.

  • Receives all monies.

  • Deposits all monies in the John Jay Cheerleading Booster Club Bank Account

  • Pays by check all bills.



  • Responsible for keeping accurate records of all meetings.

  • Records all business transacted at each meeting and presents minutes for approval to the President, Vice President(s), Treasurer and Coaches.

  • Has on hand for reference at each meeting, a copy of the Booster Club By-Laws.

  • Prepare agenda with President and Coaches for each meeting.

  • Distributes (has available) printed copies of the minutes of previous meeting.

  • Call meeting to order in absence of the President or Vice President(s).

  • Counts votes.

  • Notify members (Executive Board, parents and/or guardians) of meetings not previously scheduled with a minimum of 24 hours notice.



All Board members are required to work together and assist other board members, coaches, parents and cheerleaders as necessary. 

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